Through the creation and sharing of stories that uplift, guide and empower others to walk their own true paths, we hope to be the sunshine in a sea of storms to our fellow artists, healers, manifestors, truth seekers, way pavers, teachers, peacekeepers, visionaries and Earthlings to encourage one another to author a new book, paint a new picture, write a new song and be a light to shine for everyone to see.


Through visual storytelling, we are here to support, serve and be a catalyst of growth, abundance and expansion for our fellow lightworkers, artists, healers, musicians, non-profits and small business owners. With your heart and soul in mind, we are here to create media that will exemplify your stories, values, visions, missions, products and services to the community. Our services offer individualized, affordable and professional film, photography, and art production for your website, social media, Youtube channel, gallery and business. We enjoy the opportunity to also work with you to produce tailored graphic designs, music composition, mural and instillation art. As a collective of people with interpersonal communication, visionary storytelling abilities, creative resourcefulness, passion and dedication, we will aid you in bringing your voice, your visions, your stories to life!

2018 Earth Native Projects


Unifier Festival 2018

A festival held in honor of bringing together different cultures and generations through sacred world music, healing and expressive arts, yoga, dance, ceremony, permaculture, sculpture and circus arts.

PBS In Tune Documentary

In Tune - The Ben Tucker Story follows the life of Jazz bassist Ben Tucker. After a career in advertising and recording in New York, Tucker purchases WSOK AM Radio and moves to Savannah GA in 1972. Steeped in the culture and music of the city, and scored to Tucker’s final album, Sweet Thunder, the film explores his commitment to unite the community and revive the city’s once great Jazz scene.

Yatra: The Documentary

During the 18th annual Yatra in January 2018, 26 volunteer doctors ventured from America into the tribal lands of southeast India’s Araku Valley to serve thousands patients across 12 villages—many who’ve never before seen a doctor. The film will be used to bring awareness to the Yatra and highlight issues facing tribal communities. Once completed, it will be submitted to numerous festivals on the documentary film circuit.

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Let us collaborate on a film that will expand your audience, manifest new clients, express your vision, accentuate your artistic style and share your service with humanity.