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Yatra: The Documentary

Every year, a dedicated group of retired Indian-American doctors from Cleveland organizes a Yatra— Hindi for “pilgrimage”— into India’s tribal lands to provide free medical care to their homeland’s most isolated over an intensive 10-day period.

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In Tune: The Ben Tucker Story

A feature documentary highlighting the life and values of Ben Tucker, a self-taught Jazz musician whose impeccable character allowed him to transcend race, religion and culture to transform the lives of Savannah citizens ultimately becoming a catalyst for Community.  

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Little Elegy

“Little Elegy” is a short film about a young girl named Lilly who witnesses the death of a pig while spending the Summer at her Grandparents’ farm. Portrayed through the eyes of a terrified child, the film explores the haunting effects of violence and death, resulting in a dramatic change in perspective. 

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March for Marcus

During a memorial day visit to Earth Folk in Richmond Virginia, I had the opportunity to document an Art Build they were hosting in honor of the March for Justice & Reformation for Marcus-David Peters!

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A narrative music video for singer, songwriter and musician, Tyler Cutitta’s and his new song “Spring”. In the film, we follow along as two wandering sisters converge on their paths and explore a deep rooted connection to self, love, and nature. For, “It’s love that’s in the water” .

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I Remember

The first ever music video for singer, songwriter and musician “Earth Child” aka Nick Colavito. The song “I Remember” is a gentle melody with powerful heart-felt words that leave you reminiscent of love.

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Yatra: The Documentary

Dedicated to change.

In January 2018, 26 volunteer doctors ventured from America into the tribal lands of southeast India’s Araku Valley to serve thousands of patients across 12 villages — many who’ve never before seen a doctor. 

Granted full access to the 2018 expedition, “Yatra: The Documentary” chronicles the Yatra’s inspiring, emotional and unpredictable turns and explores the humanity that unites the doctors with patients from the land they once called home.