Creative Producer

Bringing Small Ideas to the Big Screen

To Create is to Produce

When I was a young girl I wrote a letter to Halle Berry, my hometown hero, asking her advice on how to become an actress. After a decade of immersing myself in the world of acting I was burnt out and was severely lacking in passion. While studying communications in college I found myself devoting most of my efforts towards life behind the lens. As the school year came to an end, I realized that it was not acting which enamored me but rather it was the art of storytelling. Transferring schools, I decided to pursue a career as a filmmaker. 

While attending Savannah College of Art and Design, I discovered a way to combine my talents as a writer, photographer, travel agent, actor and entrepreneur to better serve me as a film producer. Being a producer is a uniquely collaborative, immersive and integral part of the film process. It is a position that frequently challenges my ability to make well-informed decisions, to remain calm under pressure and to keep the big picture in mind. Because I am a diplomatic problem solver, I seek ways to resolve conflict quickly using the resources at hand to ensure a successful production. Whether producing a drama, comedy, commercial or documentary, I believe in developing an authentic voice to generate meaningful connections with a transcendent audience. 

Too often are we each confronted with mental, emotional and physical pain with no outlet of self-expression. By sharing stories that center on real life characters and issues I hope to remind people that no one is alone in their struggles. In the medium of film I desire to engage people in a way that pushes boundaries, twist perspectives and creates impactful content that lingers long after they have stopped watching.